Guitar lessons with singer/songwriter Ben Morgan-Brown

ben-picHi all,

My name is Ben Morgan-Brown and I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Exeter and I’m very pleased to announce that, as from early 2017, I will be working with The Youth Arts & Health Trust to teach young people to play guitar.

Playing the guitar has bought me years of happiness, helped me make some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and given me a creative outlet and a sense of achievement I might otherwise not have experienced.

I believe that music in general, and playing an instrument in particular, has given me a fresh outlook on life, helping me through times that might have been much more difficult without it, and I’m looking forward to helping young people develop a relationship with music and the guitar that can stay with them throughout their own lives.

Contact us via the contact us page on here, or on Facebook to register your interest.

And here’s a link to my website: