Arts opportunities


guitarAll of us at the Youth Arts & Health Trust believe passionately that everyone’s health and well-being can be improved as a result of opportunities to be creative, try new things and learn new skills.

We believe that to be healthy is to be confident in your own ability to be creative; to look at the world differently, to solve problems and to build the life you want for yourself.

Inherent in creative arts activities, are opportunities to try new ways of communicating feelings and ideas, new ways to relate to and share with others, and new challenges to be enjoyed and overcome. Also, let’s not underestimate the importance of having fun and having a voice through creating great art!

We either provide or signpost to high-quality arts opportunities including:

•    Photography and film making

•    Theatre skills and drama projects

•    Acoustic and electronic music making

•    Art techniques and print making

We work with professional artists and experienced practitioners to offer children and young people opportunities to learn new skills and boost confidence and self-esteem.



ben-pic-2Guitar lessons: We are offering free acoustic guitar lessons with singer/songwriting Ben Morgan-Brown at the YES Centre in Exeter on Wednesday afternoons.  All young people welcome to apply, particularly those in support housing and/or less able to afford lessons. Contact us for more info.






heidi-and-danielNew book writing and illustration: We are delighted to be designing a project with professional children’s book writers and illustrators Heidi and Daniel Howarth from Devon.  They have over 20 beautiful books published which you can admire and buy in the shops and online with the usual retailers!  (do check them out).

We are working closely with students and staff at Plymouth School of Creative Arts and working together to write and illustrate a brand new workbook for young people to express themselves and have important conversations with others.

To come up with a story for our book, we’ll be exploring themes including what is anxiety? and coming up with an engaging story, original illustrations and spaces for young people to be the authors of their own workbook themselves.  We want to create a book together which will help young people and parents to talk more about important issues like mental health and well-being.




Photography skills: Are you 14-21 and interested in joining a photography skills project in Devon?  Inspired by ideas from Young Devon’s Youth Council we are now planning workshops and photography masterclasses leading to a professional exhibition and tour of our work. Contact us for more info.




dramaDrama group: We are looking to start a new drama group in Exeter for young people interested in actor training and devising theatre to get our voices heard and have a social impact.  There will be opportunities to get involved in all sorts of roles from acting, creative writing, filming, making set etc.  No experience necessary.  Contact us for more info.






Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page to find out what’s coming up.