About us


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We are registered charity based in Exeter, Devon and seek to provide services across the South West.

Our purpose is to improve health, well-being and life chances through access to arts opportunities, arts therapies and health-related projects.


The ideas behind the Youth Arts & Health Trust came about in discussion with arts practitioners, youth workers and arts therapists who have spent their lives witnessing the transformative effects of being involved in opportunities to be more creative.

We have seen people of all ages and backgrounds benefit in different and individual ways, like improving self-confidence, discovering new skills, making new friends, being less isolated and more connected with others, enjoying playfulness, giving to others and developing new ideas together – in short, all the causes of well being!  Many people we know have moved forward in education, work and relationships and now feel more resilient, able to make changes and build the life they want for themselves.

Our plans have developed in conversation with young people and families who have shared with us their difficulties in finding the help they need, as well as the success stories of when someone has been given the space to be themselves and be creative.

The real drive behind the set up of our organisation is the importance of improving services for children and young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties in the UK.  Many of us have heard how it’s not just improvements in access to help that is needed, but also the range of help that is available, how quickly this can be offered, the quality of a service and it’s appropriateness for young people.

There is now a growing body of evidence that Arts and Health and Arts Therapies really work to enable people to develop new skills, confidence and resilience, leading to improvements in health and well being.  We are really excited about how the Youth Arts & Health Trust can provide opportunities for young people, families and others at a time when they need it most.

“Don’t tell me what to do! Give me the space and support to work it out for myself.”
Young person in supported housing, Devon.


Registered charity no. 1170692.