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We passionately believe in evaluating and continuing to learn as we provide our arts therapy sessions and other services.  


We ask all children and young people to complete evaluation measures at the beginning and end of their time with us (although these are not compulsory). The tools we use are also used as ways we can actively listen to each child or young person’s needs and help us to write our therapy plans together.   We really like how we can reflect on progress made together and nurture the ability to pause, reflect, celebrate achievements and think about future aspirations.  


We were privileged to work closely with our previous patron Prof. Paul Dieppe, Emeritus Professor of Health and Wellbeing at Exeter University (now retired), who helped us choose and develop our evaluation measures and pull together a report based on those who had accessed arts therapy with us. 30 young people were asked to take part and our measures showed:


20% Improvement in General Health

70% Reduction
in Anxiety and Depression

94% Progress made towards Personalised Goals

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