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What are Arts Therapies?

Arts therapists are qualified professionals registered with the Health Care Professions Council, who have a specialism in art, drama or music therapy.  

What can arts therapy help with?

Similar to counselling or other kinds of psychotherapy, arts therapy can help people to improve their mental health and wellbeing. People often come to arts therapy because they want to feel better in themselves and more confident about their next steps in life. This might be because of depression or anxiety, and/or because of specific things you would like to understand and control like self-harming or an eating disorder.  

Some people come to arts therapy because they would like to process what has happened in life in a safe space with someone they can trust, this could be because of attachment difficulties, experience of adoption or being in care, trauma, abusive relationships or life events. Arts therapy can be a really helpful space to better cope with changes in life like bereavement, family breakdown and other times of transition.

Why arts therapy?

One of the strong advantages of an arts therapy approach is the containing aspect of the arts medium when experienced in a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship. This provides the possibility of working through difficult or painful material in a more bearable and symbolic way.

The client can proceed at his or her own pace using the creative process as a means of personal expression, identifying and connecting emotions and making sense of experience and things that are hard to name or say in words.

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