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Hi, I am Sami. I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) based in Devon.


I completed a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Dance Voice/Canterbury Christchurch University in 2016. Since graduating I have worked with a range of client groups such as learning disabilities, eating disorders, children in a school setting, mental health, dementia, elderly, young adults and refugees. When I graduated I was also employed as a Movement Therapist at Dance Voice as part of the Learning Disabilities therapy team.


A Movement Therapy session is a safe, creative space that encourages the use of movement to be able to communicate, connect and process emotions. We invite the body into the therapy space through the use of movement, gestures, posture, play, use of art and music, breathwork etc


It can sometimes be too overwhelming or scary to communicate, or label, our distress, movement therapy can offer individuals the opportunity to express themselves in a creative non-verbal way whilst still being supported and heard. Through processing emotions on a bodily level we can then explore putting words to experiences/feelings and creating a greater understanding of felt emotion.


Each session will unfold in a way that’s guided by the individual and includes as much, or as little, movement as they/you are comfortable with. There is also no dance experience required.

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