Our evaluation framework


Because being creative is good for your soul

At the Youth Arts & Health Trust, we all know how beneficial opportunities to be creative can be. We also understand how important it is be able to discover more about how and why the creative arts and art therapies can help people develop skills, confidence and resilience.

Our evaluation framework sets out to explore five key questions:

• What is it about creative arts and arts therapies that can improve wellbeing and improve mental health?
• What specific factors make benefits more or less likely to occur?
• How can we understand and evidence the impact for participants?
• How can the evaluation process be empowering for children and young people who take part?
• How can we work with others to share our learning?

What we do

We ask all young people and others participating in the services we provide to take part in evaluation activities, usually before and after a project or series of sessions. This is always voluntary and can be opted out. This often takes the form of recognised questionnaires as well as short interviews and/or creative activities. We really appreciate hearing people’s views and the support we receive to gather data. This helps us learn about the effectiveness of creative arts and arts therapies and provides evidence to help develop our service.

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