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Laura Segan Photo

Hi I’m Laura and I’m an Art Psychotherapist. I love being an Art Psychotherapist because I get to work with so many creative people and support them in being able to express themselves and connect with art making. I enjoy how each session is different, and each young person makes use of the time in their own way. It is really inspiring.

I studied at the University of South Wales in Newport from 2015-2018. Training to be a therapist involved a lot of self-discovery which I think is really important when being able to understand where our clients might be coming from.

My previous roles have included working in schools as both a teacher and an art psychotherapist, working in the NHS as a trainee Art Psychotherapist and running groups and facilitating art classes for adults with additional support needs.

I am passionate about the arts. I split my week so that I work as an Art Psychotherapist for half of the week, and work on my own art practice for the rest of the week. I also love travel, and before I became an Art Psychotherapist, I lived in Russia, New Zealand and Australia.

When I am not working, you’ll either find me in my art room, or at the beach. I love being outdoors throughout the year and enjoy a Winter paddleboard or a dip in the sea.

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