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Hi, I'm Nikki and I'm a Dramatherapist and I'm really passionate about how we are ALL creative! For me, it's a privilege to be alongside a young person on their therapy journey; to support them to engage with their creativity, in whatever way they choose. 


Dramatherapy helps people literally see new patterns in their situation and make fresh connections to begin to explore ways to move on.  All of this from a safe distance, because of the use of the stories, metaphors and images which the person in therapy brings which keeps the way of working indirect whilst also directly 'getting you there'! 


Dramatherapy can also be more fun and playful than simply talking!


I qualified as a Dramatherapist in 2008 (from The University of Plymouth) and my special interest is supporting young people who have experienced trauma, loss and ruptures to key early relationships (attachment).


I've been working at Devon CAMHS for seven years now. My previous roles have included a total of three years working as a schools' Dramatherapist (for YAHT and Plymouth Excellence Cluster). Before that I was an English teacher and tutor at Exeter College.


Outside of work I enjoy learning piano, great therapy for me at the end of a busy day (and I've started early at age 50!), and time spent playing with my young son and our two very fluffy, high-speed cats.

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